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Beginner's Workshop by Ranjana

If you have always felt a connection with clay but never got the opportunity to give it a shot, this is your chance. Do it as a chance to learn a new art form or simply as a meditative process and weekend retreat. Clay will not fail you. The course can be undertaken as a residency or on a visiting basis and is customizable.

Fundamentals of pottery learning includes Slab-making, Wheel throwing, Surface decoration and Glazing techniques. Techniques taught here range from beginners to advanced, depending on learner's skill and area of interest.

Wheel throwing which is the most popular course requires a minimum of 30 sessions (2-week residency program). Besides this, there are structured workshops around slab making using pinching and coiling method, creating textures and potters on workpieces, glaze making and application techniques.

Open studio hours for Pottery enthusiasts

You are welcome in Studio Supari if you want to have a fun day with clay or simply need a space and tools to create your own piece.

Corporate Workshop

Custom designed short workshops for Corporates where the participants benefit from the therapeutic and creative properties of clay art.

Workshop by other Artists

Studio Supari makes the art accessible to the community not just via the space and facility but through the medium of teaching as well. If you are an artist looking for a space to conduct workshops, Click the below button for enquiry

Please fill out the enquiry form if you are interested in attending a workshop and further details will be emailed to you.

You can also call and inquire on the contact provided on the website.

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