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Pottery is all-encompassing. It is a medium that captivates the five elements earth, water, fire, air and space and works on the fundamentals of balance, gravity, centring and control.

Pottery enables the unison of the body and earth, it is delicate yet strong, philosophical yet real. One must nurture qualities of consistency and patience and understand the non-permanent nature of life to truly engage in the medium. For some it is a therapeutic getaway while for others it is an exploration and soul searching journey that lasts a lifetime and irrespective of which category you fall into, it will transform your life' Pottery is a long and labour-intensive medium but once you immerse in clay, it is a gift that keeps giving.

Clay is a calling and you must listen!

Welcome to

Studio Supari!


Studio Supari, a warm coastal studio founded by Ranjana Mirchandani is a space that provides the beginner, recreational and experienced potter alike, a comfortable and organic environment to learn, work and unwind in. Set in the quaint and tropical village of Nagaon, Alibaug, Studio Supari is a perfect atelier for potters and artists in search of a mindful and creatively charged getaway.

Our studio found the befitting name from the Areca or Betel nuts that are grown in abundance at the property. Staying true to the intoxicating and addictive sway that the Supari nut induces, Studio Supari is a space where you can immerse yourself endlessly in the happy high of your art.

This is a dream that Ranjana lived every single day and passionately worked towards

to make it happen.

Latest Happenings

Studio Supari is currently hosting many interesting workshops-

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