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"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint' then by all means paint."

- Vincent Van Gogh

A self-taught potter, Ranjana is an antique enthusiast and an avid hoarder of what is a passé. All the 'old finds' she collected over the years travelled with her and found their rightful place in her abode. She always had an appreciation for art but never did she surmise practicing it, It was in the year 2013 when she took break from her corporate career of over two decades and was looking for a soul-filling art medium to indulge in when her husband's old kick wheel adorning their house as her favourite collectable caught her attention. She then found herself landing in the beautiful hills of Himachal attending a pottery workshop and clay took over her life ever since!

What started as dedicating a small space for the wheel in her home balcony, soon turned into a personal studio. Ranjana now has a regular and distinct practice in stoneware and porcelain and constantly aids her work by learning technique and skill from renowned potters from across the world. Her longing for solitude and travel has taken her, along with her four-legged friend, across the country attending workshops and honing her skills.

As Ranjana celebrates her dream studio, she is also diving into teaching pottery and opening her studio to the larger art community.

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