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Most of the works Ranjana produced so far are tableware, partly stemming from her love for cooking. Her interest has mostly been in creating utilitarian work although she has enjoyed creating Raku wares (a type of Japanese pottery) for its unpredictable results and intense colours. Just as in cooking where she does not like to follow a set recipe and rather enjoys variations. Raku firing paves way for spontaneity and presents endless opportunities to explore. Ranjana also enjoys experimenting with firing and glazing techniques.

Giving herself a fair number of years practising her skills and near perfecting wheel throwing, Ranjana is now turning her craft into art pieces by further altering and texturing her wheel-thrown works to express emotions and concepts. This also resonates with her love for crooked, weathered out artefacts.

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gobletsweb (4 of 5).jpg

Green Goblets

Medium: Stoneware

gobletsweb (1 of 1).jpg

3D Glazes

Medium: Earthenware with Experimental Glazing

gobletsweb (3 of 5).jpg


Medium: Experimental Raku Firing

gobletsweb (3 of 5).jpg

Summer Porcelain

Medium: Porcelain

gobletsweb (4 of 6).jpg


Medium: Stoneware

gobletsweb (2 of 2).jpg

Sea Series

Medium: Stoneware

gobletsweb (1 of 5).jpg


Medium: Raku Firing

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